Unsal Gasket provides to our customers is always the best, most accurate product by creating ,  gasket cutting machines industry , with his experience and the necessary technologies through support for innovation from the date of establishment until today .

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Our organization is constantly growing and adapting to new technologies in the production of sealing materials, serving since 1983

Our company has reached a high capacity to production power with experienced trained staff and latest technology machines and resulting in a short time by the demands of the market.



Our company has now come to a wide range of products with excellent quality/ excellent price with the understanding .


  • NEW resulting products ;
  • -BMC PRO 1142 - PRO 935
    -9P921393 - PRO 1142 gasket the top teams
    -9P921402 - PRO 1142 gasket  suborder
    -9P921316 - PRO 935 gasket the top teams
    -9P921320 - PRO 935 gasket suborder





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